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The IOOG mission was introduced at the World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery by Co-Chair of the conference, Dr Michael Cohen. The plan to collaborate with collection of the common dataset was enthusiastically embraced by leading participants at the meeting. It was encouraging to see the EAONO-JOS staging system being used by presenters from around the world. Dr Yu Matsumoto presented his Excel-macro (available at which makes collection of EAONO-JOS and SAMEO-ATO so easy. Plans to use these tools in REDCap and electronic medical records like Epic were presented. 

In the pictures below are Dr. Ohad Hilly (Rabin Medical Centre and Schneider Children Medical Centre, Israel), Dr Patricia L Purcell (Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Canada), Dr. Tsukasa Ito (Yagamata University Hospital, Japan) and Dr. Toshinori Kubota (Yagamata University Hospital, Japan) all presenting the use of the joint EAONO/JOS system at their local institutions. Fantastic to see that IOOG is gaining popularity around the world!

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