• Aaron Trinidade

IOOG Session at the 31st Politzer Society Meeting, Las Palmas, 21-24 February 2018

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

The IOOG ‘Categorization of tympanomastoid surgery’ was presented for the first time at a scientific session at the meeting. The aim of the session was to identify areas of potential ambiguity. Ninety-four international delegates attended the session.  Each delegate was provided with a printed handout of the SAMEO-ATO system together with diagrams.  There was widespread support for the principles and design of the SAMEO-ATO system. 

Several delegates requested inclusion of additional subtypes of surgical procedures within the SAMEO-ATO scheme, but accepted that this would make the system more complicated and less user-friendly.  The delegates were asked to give a show of hands at the end of the session.  Sixty persons indicated approval of the SAMEO-ATO scheme and none indicated disapproval.

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